East Africa’s NEWEST Artist “STARBOY – MARTY MA”

Sarah Larson
September 25, 2017

South Sudan singer, songwriter/ Producer  – Martin Ochola Oyat  (aka Marty Ma) began his career in music when he was just 11 years old.  He first started he’s stage name as Magic Ink, making and selling hip hop beats online, in events recently he transformed he’s musical genre into afro beats dancehall. In a skype video interview I had with the new”STARBOY” him he stated “I left the hip hop rap game because I want to go back to my african roots, this is kinda like “The Rebirth Of Marty Ma” the real Marty Ma not the gangsta thug you see because to be honest with you all. I don’t owe a gun or have a million dollar or even have over 1 million fans but all I have is MUSIC and my only way to express it, is by being real and down to earth with myself and fans. I hope “STARBOY” and all my other past and future records start me of with a success in the social media world as I continue to rise in the afrobeats  pop world.

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